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How to take care of rhythmic gymnastics balls?

Rhythmic gymnastics balls are made of either rubber or synthetic material. The outer layer of the ball is made to be sticky so the gymnast can easily grab ,throw, bounce and roll.  
How to pump air to rhythmic gymnastics ball?
The rhythmic gymnastics ball valve is very delicate so extra care should be taken while pumping. To avoid damage , use the steps below to pump air into the ball.
  • Make sure to use the recommended  inflation needle. It is best to use the same brand air pump as the RG ball. Add lubricant to the needle to make it easy to insert it. 
  • Insert it straight to the valve, while rotating it left to right. Make sure not to add too much pressure to the ball or the needle to ensure the ball is not damaged.
  • Pump air slowly to gain the correct size and do not inflate it too much as it will affect its shape.
  • Balls should be inflated to the lower end of the pressure range and kept vertically.
The gym ball shall be used solely on the rhythmic gymnastics carpet, parquet, or polished wood. Avoid rubber flooring or linoleum.
How to clean rhythmic gymnastics ball?
  • Dissolve a small amount of neutral detergent for dishwashing, into cold water. Use a light, soft sponge on the surface to scrub.
  • Wash the ball in the detergent with the sponge.
  • Rinse well and gently, towel dry the ball using a microfiber towel. Microfiber towel ensures the ball to dry gently and retain the shining surface of the ball. Do not pat and dry with a regular towel as it could damage the ball exterior shine.
Store rhythmic gymnastics ball in the special ball bag when transport to keep it clean and scratch free. Do not leave the ball in direct sunlight or in your car for a long period as the heat may damage the ball.
Get microfiber towel ( and ball bag ( and have your ball will always be in best condition.  
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