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Chacott world renowned activewear and accessories brand

Chacott is a world renowned activewear brand that has been in the industry since 1950 in Japan. Brand is built on manufacturing products that understands consumers' needs and creating sportswear that truly supports athletes' performance.  

In the beginning the company started as a manufacturer and retailer of ballet products specializing in ballet shoes. Since then Chacott has diversified to cover various dance and artistic categories from gymnastics to ballroom dancing and recently launched a stage makeup line. 

Chacott has devoted themselves to the gymnastics field for many years and their products are highly sought after due to their uncompromised quality. Company has a wide range of products from 

  • Training wear
  • Rhythmic gymnastics apparatus
  • Training shoes 
  • Gymnastics undergarments
  • Bags and accessories

Moreover, all their gymnastics gear are approved by the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) and preferred by so many coaches and international gymnasts around the world for their competitions. All Chacott products have the FIG seal on them and match all requirements and standards required by any governing gymnastics authorities. You can simply trust this Japanese brand to give all the comfort and confidence needed to perform your best.

You can checkout Chacott collection at Onesports through our website ( or visit our store (Palm Jumeirah, Golden Mile Building 3, Dubai)

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