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What are the 2 types of ballet shoes?

The most important item for ballet class is a pair of ballet shoes. They should fit properly and provide comfort and support for your feet. There are primarily two types of ballet shoes commonly used: Ballet Slippers and Pointe Shoes. Within these types, there may be variations in material, design features and colors.

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What are Ballet Slipper Shoes?

Young children and beginner dancers of all ages typically wear ballet shoes known as ballet slippers which are the most commonly used ballet footwear. These are lightweight, soft soled shoes specifically designed for ballet dancing. They allow the dancer to have a better feel of the floor and provide flexibility and comfort to perform various ballet movements.

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Here are some features to consider when choosing ballet slippers:

Material: Usually made of canvas or leather. Canvas shoes are softer and more breathable, while leather shoes tend to be more durable.

Sole: Split sole/ Full sole. Split sole ballet shoes have a sole that is divided into two parts- one under the toes and another under the heel. This design allows for greater flexibility and articulation of the foot as the sole is not restricting the movement of the arch of the foot, allowing more pronounced arch. Split soles are more favoured by ballet dancers and teachers.

Full sole ballet shoes have a single sole that covers the entire bottom surface of the foot including the arch. They provide a more supportive and stable feel to the foot particularly for those that require additional support.

Elastic: Ballet shoes have elastic straps that are attached to the sides or crossed over the instep. It helps to keep the shoes securely on the feet and provide additional support.

Sizing: It is important to choose ballet shoes that fit properly. They should not be too tight allowing the dancers to point their toes comfortably. Our professional sales team will assist you in choosing the correct size for your child.

Color: Ballet shoes are available in different colors and it is best to ask your ballet teacher which is required.

What are Ballet Pointe Shoes:

Ballet pointe shoes are worn by more advanced ballet dancers who have developed the strength and technique required for dancing on the tips of their toes (en pointe). Pointe work is highly advanced technique that requires proper training.

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Here are some specific features of ballet pointe shoes:

Material:  the material used can vary depending on the brand and model. Traditionally pointe shoes have a satin exterior which gives them a sleek and elegant appearance.

Toe Box: the toe box is the reinforced area at the front of the pointe shoe that encases and supports dancers’ toes. It is typically made of layers of fabric, glue and cardboard providing stiffness and protection to the toes. The shape of the toe box can vary depending on the brand and model of the pointe shoes. It can be tapered, square or U shaped to accommodate different foot shapes and provide optimal fit and comfort.

Shank: The shank is a rigid or semi rigid piece that runs along the underside of the foot from the heel to the end of the toe box. It helps to support the arch of the foot and provide stability when standing en pointe.

Sole: Pointe shoes have a stiff sole that allows the dancer to balance and transfer weight onto the tips of their toes. The sole is often made of layers of leather and other sturdy materials to provide durability.

Sizing: Pointe shoes should be chosen in a size that allows the toes to lie flat and comfortably inside the toe box without excess pressure.

Ribbons and Elastic: These are sold separately and need to be sewn on the sides of the pointe shoes so it can be wrapped around the dancers ankles and legs to ensure the shoes in place.  It provides additional support and prevent shoes from slipping off.

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Ballet Shoes Care recommendations:

Proper care of ballet shoes can help extend their lifespan and keep them in good condition.

1.Avoid wearing ballet shoes outside. They are designed for indoor and are not suitable for outdoor surfaces.

  1. Ensure your feet are clean and free from dirt and sweat before putting on ballet shoes in order to keep the interior clean and prevent odors.
  2. It is advised to use ballet socks or ballet tights to help absorb sweat and keep the shoes cleaner for longer.
  3. After each use allow them to air dry and place in breathable ballet bag.
  4. Store in a cool and dry place, avoiding excessive heat that may damage the material and shape of the shoes

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When selecting ballet shoes for children it is advisable to check with their ballet teacher or dance professional for any specific requirements or recommendation regarding shoe type and color needed.

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