• Rhythmic Gymnastics Halfshoes

    Rhythmic Gymnastics Halfshoes

    What do rhythmic gymnasts wear on their feet? In rhythmic gymnastics, all gymnasts of all levels and age wear specialized rhythmic gymnastics shoes, often referred to as "rhythmic slippers" or "gymnastics half shoes." Choosing the right fit rhythmic gymnastics shoes is essential for comfort, safety, and performance.
  • What do boys wear in gymnastics?

    What do boys wear in gymnastics?

    What do boys wear in gymnastics?  Gymnastics is a physically demanding sport that knows no gender. It requires immense strength, flexibility, balance and coordination- qualities that boys excel in as they push their bodies to achieve incredible feats.  Is Gymnastics good for a boy? Gymnastics is very beneficial for boys as it offers wide range of physical, mental and social advantages. Physically it helps...
  • How do I choose ice skates?

    How do I choose ice skates?

    Ice skating is a graceful sports that captivates individuals of all ages .It gives a unique sense of freedom and joy that is hard to match in any other activity. Choosing the right ice skating boots is important and depends on several factors such as your skill level, intended use, foot size and budget. Skill Level: The choice of proper ice skates depend on...
  • What are the 2 types of ballet shoes?

    What are the 2 types of ballet shoes?

    The most important item for ballet class is a pair of ballet shoes. They should fit properly and provide comfort and support for your feet. 
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