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Figure Skating Boots
Ice Skates for beginners only If ice skating is your hobby than these figure skating boots will be a perfect choice Features: stainless steel ice figure skating blades blades attached with screws outer white PVC inside velvet flex notch for...
Dhs. 395.00

Figure skating boots made from PVC with stainless steel blades are a popular option for beginner and recreational figure skaters. PVC is a synthetic material that is lightweight, durable, and waterproof, making it a practical choice for skaters who may be prone to falls or who skate in wet conditions. The stainless steel blades attached to the bottom of the boots provide a smooth glide and sharp edge for performing jumps, spins, and other advanced moves. While PVC boots may not offer the same level of support and stiffness as leather boots, they are a more affordable option that is easy to maintain and suitable for skaters who are just starting out.

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