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How to choose the rhythmic gymnastics ball?

Balls come in different colors and sizes:
👉🏻15-16 см diameter ball, weights 300 gr, suitable for age up to 8 yrs
👉🏻17 cm diameter ball, weights 350 gr, suitable for girls up to the age of 10 yrs
👉🏻18-18.5 cm diameter ball, weights 400 gr, suitable for gymnast 11 yrs old and above

To determine the right ball size the following should be considered:
✨gymnast age
✨gymnast height
✨the size of gymnast’s hand
✨level of technique

The ball should have FIG approved stamp if to be used in international competitions

Balls (Chacott, Sasaki, Pastorelli) are manufactured using high-quality rubber, with additional coat applied that gives good grip and makes it easier to catch and roll

To ensure the ball serves you longer, here are few tips for care and storage:
🍭Always store in special ball cover to protect from scratches, damage and dirt
🍭 Avoid leaving the ball in hot or cold temperatures as it will affect the quality and size of the ball. Ball cover will ensure it is kept in the right temperature
🍭Clean by washing with soap in cold water and towel dry preferably with a microfiber cloth
🍭 Inflate by using professional ball pump

Balls of color and size variations as well as all needed accessories can be found in our online store.

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