Stretchy Halfshoes OB20
Features: Silicon-coated elastic band for comfortable fit Upper fabric is made with elastic breathable fabric Sole is made of faux leather Halfshoes for rhythmic gymnastic/gymnastics Color- Beige Fabric: Upper -Breathable elastic fabric Sole- Faux leather Description: Rhythmic gymnastics Halfshoes are consciously made to...
Dhs. 73.00 Dhs. 55.00
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Knee Socks - Black
Dhs. 72.00 Dhs. 50.00
Knee Socks - Black
Features: Reduces knee pain at the time of rotation practice Easy to wear knee protector Color- Black/Pink/Light Green Fabric: Cotton 75%,Polyamide 15%,Elastane 10% Description:  Chacott padded knee protector is created with cushioning pads to offer great protection.  Stretchable tricot material...
Dhs. 72.00 Dhs. 50.00
Microtech Halfshoes
Features: Made with microtech for immediate comfort Easily fit in with any foot shape The shoe grips perfectly the floor at arrivals Color- Beige Suitable for rhythmic gymnastic/gymnastics  Fabric: Microtech Sude Description: Microtech half shoes are designed with terry cloth inside to...
Dhs. 105.00 Dhs. 65.00
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Elastic Strengthening and Resistance Band - Black
Features: Light weight elastic strengthening band  Large resistance band is ideal for various exercises  Color- Black/Purple Durable and high quality 120 x 15 cm, thickness 0,50 mm Description: Suitable for Every Fitness Level - Whether you are a beginner or an...
Dhs. 65.00 Dhs. 30.00
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Laser MOON Violet Hoop Tape
Features: The brightest, glossy adhesive tape for hoops and clubs One roll is enough to decorate a 90 cm hoop Easy to use and long lasting  Can be used to decorate clubs  Length is 11m, width is 1.9 cm Description: A line...
Dhs. 68.00 Dhs. 40.00
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