Ball Air Pump
Features: Easy to use Fine adjustment Replacement needle is available High quality and durable  Color- 047.Cherry Pink Description: Hand held and easy to use ball inflator is ideal for precision inflation of professional gym balls. Follow below simple instructions to inflate...
Dhs. 130.00
Ball Inflator
Features: Easy to use ball inflator Specially designed for professional rhythmic gymnastic balls High quality and durable  Description: The dial-type valve structure allows air to be taken in and out easily with one hand. Follow below simple instructions to inflate your rhythmic...
Dhs. 110.00
Ball Pump
Features: Easy to use  Suitable for any kind of rhythmic gymnastics balls High quality and durable  Piston length: 15 cm Description: Classic Ball Pump, tubular style with needle and  8" length for easy travel storage.  Measurement: Piston length: 15 cm
Dhs. 85.00
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