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What is the difference between rhythmic and artistic gymnastics

For all of us walking into gymnastics with no prior knowledge, gymnastics is gymnastics. Whether it's floor routine or vault, it all seems similar. But when your little one's passion grows towards gymnastics and starts to need your guidance on certain decisions such as whether she would be artistic or rhythmic you will need to know some of the differences. So here is a simple breakdown of two main components of the gymnastic world: artistic and rhythmic gymnastics.    

What do you mean by artistic and rhythmic gymnastics?

Artistic gymnastics 

Artistic gymnastics simply focuses on the ability to showcase agility, balance, coordination, and speed in a highly technical, precise manner. Each movement is calculated and precision is highly important. So if you have any wobble or unexpected movement, it will cost a reduction in marks.

Artistic gymnastics is divided into women's and men’s. Women compete in four main events: 

  • Vault 
  • Uneven bars
  • Balance beam 
  • Floor exercise

While men compete in six events:

  • Pommel horse
  • Still rings
  • Floor exercise
  • Parallel bars
  • High bars
  • Vault

The only event that has some music element is the floor routine, where it is performed on a spring floor to help gymnasts to accomplish certain technical movements.  Artistic gymnastics is the perfect sport to teach your kids coordination and confidence and contribute to their general health and fitness 

Rhythmic gymnastics

Rhythmic gymnastics is limited to girls only. The sport combines elements of gymnastics, dance and calisthenics. Unlike artistic gymnastics where you compete in four to six events, rhythmic gymnastics is performed on the floor with five apparatus (all rhythmic gymnastics apparatus available at https://onesports.ae/collections/rg-equipment):

  • Ball 
  • Ribbon
  • Hoop
  • Clubs
  • Rope

Unlike artistic, rhythmic gymnastics, all events have a music component and mainly concentrate on your ability to be flexible, graceful, hand-eye coordination, and ability to bring creativity to their performance. When a gymnast enters the padded floor, they use each of these apparatus as an extension of their body to showcase beautifully synchronized movements. 

Similarities between Artistic and Rhythmic gymnastics

One of the main similarities is that both artistic and rhythmic gymnastics are international sports, regulated by the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG), and are Olympic events. 

Hope this helps you to have a little bit of clarity on the difference between artistic and rhythmic gymnastics. 

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