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5 new year resolutions for gymnasts

2022 is here, start your new year with the right mind and right attitude. We got five new year resolutions for your little gymnasts so she can start the new year with a bang!

Put your all into practices - The saying “practice makes it perfect” is true when it comes to your gymnastics journey. Maximize your time in the gym and use every second to do your best. It doesn't matter if your coach is watching you or not, give it your all and it will start reflecting on your performances. 

Find a good balance - No, we are not talking about the balance beam! We are talking about your daily life. From day to day practices, school to friends it's safe to say you're a busy girl. Don't rely on your mom to keep it all together. Start taking ownership of little tasks and try to help your mom in planning your day. 

Confidence is the key for success - It can be hard to know what you really want when there is always something going around. Your attitude plays a major role in how you perform so believe in your power and abilities. You are truly amazing and you deserve all the wins you have achieved. Own it and give yourself a pat on the back!

Challenge yourself - Maybe you are trying to improve your score over the last year or you're aiming for gold or maybe just want to ace your handspring at the gym. Take time to visualize your goals and plan out how to achieve them. This will help you to have a clear path to a successful journey 

Do what makes you happy- It can be sometimes stressful especially when competitions are around the corner or training a new gymnastics move. But don't forget what is truly important, is your big beautiful smile. So go on a sleepover with friends, go to watch a movie or have a joyful dinner with your family, take time to have a little bit of fun!

Hope you can add in one or two of these new year resolutions to your 2022!

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